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21 years old, Italy.
I want to be free

È cosí :)
Non esistono momenti giusti, ma motivazioni forti
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Ogni parola ha le sue conseguenze. Ogni silenzio anche.
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Gisella Perl was forced to work as a doctor in Auschwitz concentration camp during the holocaust.
She was ordered to report ever pregnant women do the physician Dr. Josef Mengele, who would then use the women for cruel experiments (e.g. vivisections) before killing them.
She saved hundreds of women by performing abortions on them before their pregnancy was discovered, without having access to basic medical supplies. She became known as the “Angel of Auschwitz”.
After being rescued from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp she tried to commit suicide, but survived, recovered and kept working as a gynecologist, delivering more than 3000 babies.

I want to nail this to the forehead of every anti-abortionist who uses the word “Holocaust” when talking about legal abortions.
I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter.
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I want him to write to me.

Make me understand that you really care!

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This land is nothing like Azeroth.
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The time will come, when you will have to rise
Above the best and prove yourself
Your spirit never dies.
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Capisci perché sogno a occhi aperti e leggo tutti quei libri d’amore? Perché almeno i sogni nessuno me li può toccare, e mi posso immaginare la vita che voglio e fingere di essere bella, amata e felice.
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Date retta ai gesti,
mai alle parole.
I gesti dimostrano,
le parole illudono.
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A volte, il libro più bello è quello con la copertina più polverosa.
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